On Target Ministries

Vince D’Acchioli
On Target Ministries

CFS Financial

“Having consulted with over 120 Christian schools, churches and ministries on matters ranging from debt negotiation to fundraising, I am all too aware of the cash flow crisis faced by nonprofit organizations of all types. I was delighted to meet David Funk several years ago during the initial stages of the development of his company; His Kingdom Funding. From the basic concept and its ability to meet the cash flow needs of nonprofits to David’s personal integrity and worldview, I am genuinely impressed by this company, its culture, and its business model.

“I have recommended His Kingdom Funding to my friends and a number of client Christian schools, and I recommend them to you without reservation. I appreciate the Kingdom building commitment of David and his team, and I look forward to their success in meeting the needs of their clients.”

John R. Warren
CFS Financial

Shepherds’ Fold Ministries

Dr. Brent Van Hook
Shepherd’s Fold Ministries

The Strategy Group LLC

“As principals of a 27-year- old strategic marketing firm, we’ve met many startup firms needing support. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to review many new ideas. As strategists, we are practiced at seeing either the line of possibility or the sometimes-imperceptible flaws that will unravel the best ideas. We had two immediate responses to His Kingdom Funding: appreciation that safety/security issues have been well addressed, and complete agreement that this platform is a “no brainer” for our ministry clients. Within an hour of meeting David Funk to learn about His Kingdom Funding, we contacted two national ministry clients. We are excited to help both onboard.

“His Kingdom Funding is ideal for growing a new generation of generosity.”

Jeffrey and Laurie Carney
The Strategy Group LLC