“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

Zechariah 4:10

The term “Micro” is defined as a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10 to the minus 6 (one millionth). According to Wikipedia, the term was confirmed in 1960 and the prefix comes from the Greek, mikros, meaning “small.”

When it comes to funding ministry, we often think of securing large donations from individuals and foundations with the means to provide those types of “major gifts.” In fact, many nonprofit organizations have people working in their fundraising departments with titles such as, “Major Gifts Officer,” or similar titles. Large (major) gifts make funding ministry so much easier and simpler. Secure one or more major gifts and there less of a need to secure smaller gifts to reach one’s fundraising goals. The popular expression, “Go big or go home,” comes to mind.

But in God’s economy, it is often the small or seemingly insignificant that He prizes the most. The “Widow’s Mite,” comes to mind. God can take the most insignificant people and things in the world’s eyes, and make them into something far greater than anyone could ever imagine. In fact, He specializes in that!

“Go Fund Me” accounts on the internet are very popular today. They appeal to people of all income levels and can raise large sums of money very quickly, based on sheer volume. And that is the concept behind the HKF App. It is an electronic version of the Salvation Army’s “Kettle Campaign,” if you will. It’s utilizing people’s “spare change” to make a change for the better. By simply rounding up your daily purchases to the nearest dollar, donors can make a big difference for ministry. Instead of putting your spare change into a jar or bowl and depositing into your bank account when it is full, why not send your spare change to the ministry or ministries of your choice? These “micro donations” can add up very quickly and make a big difference in the funding of Kingdom work. For example, 1,000 people averaging just one dollar a day could raise over $360,000 a year for their favorite ministry!). One hundred thousand people averaging one dollar a day could raise over $36,000,000 a year for Kingdom work! And one million people doing the same could raise over $360,000,000 a year for ministry…all with pocket change, “micro donations!”

So don’t “despise the day of small beginnings…” Celebrate them by starting your roundup account today in support of Kingdom work!

David Funk
His Kingdom Funding

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